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Fashionable clothes for tiny avatars!

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Flickr Group
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Tiny Shoppers Network

The network has many components - this blog, a Flickr group, and a Second Life Group!

This Blog

Do you want to be a Tiny Shopper blogger? Contact one of the Tiny Shopper Admins* in-world to let them know! (If they are offline, please drop them a notecard).

Do you want to be a tiny shopkeeper listed on our site? Submit your shop name + slurl to one of the Tiny Shopper Admins in-world. You can also post pictures of your fine new tiny releases to the flickr group!

Would you like your new items reviewed? Please read our review policy.

*Current Tiny Shopper Admins: Misa Delight, Awenbunny Lisle, Tia McBain, Eleanora Newell, and Lorimae Undercroft

Flickr Group

The Tiny Shopper Flickr group has lots of pictures of new tiny wares!

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Tiny Shoppers Second Life Group

Shoppers: Are you looking to keep up with the latest in tiny fashions, accessories, home and garden items, and other tiny wares? Join the group to get notices from shopkeepers when they release new items!

Shopkeepers: Would you like to announce new items to the tiny community? Join the group to keep tinies in the loop about your new products!

Note: the group is not tied to a particular community. It is for all tiny shoppers and shopkeepers on the grid.


It's a free group! In Second Life click the Search button at the bottom of your screen, then click on the Groups tab. Type "Tiny Shoppers" in the search box, then click the Join (L$0) to become a member! If SL is being wonky and you can't find the group in search, you can click on my profile (Misa Delight) and then double click on the group name in my group lists. You can also see the group information on the Second Life website.


Do you have a shop that sells Tiny wares? If you are a shopkeeper, please let Misa Delight, Awenbunny Lisle or Lorimae Undercroft know so they can add you to the shopkeeper group role.

Second Life Group Guidelines

If you are a shopkeeper, please follow these guidelines. These are meant to keep the amount of notices to a reasonable amount so that we keep our lovely shoppers from dialog overload!
1. Please post group notices at most twice a month (every two weeks).
2. Only post about tiny items, or items that work fine for tinies. This is the only group I know of (so far) that posts about new releases for tiny avatars that isn't tied to one specific community. If you've got a list of new releases that are primarily tiny, but also include some biggie stuff - that's fine. Just don't send out notices that are primarily about humanoid items! There are already tons of groups for that.
3. Please only post about new releases in your stores. However, you can add other information (for example if you are having a sale on older outfits) in your notice as long as it follows the new releases- essentially we don't want a lot of popups about older wares... we primarily want notices about new items!
4. If possible, attach a notecard with a landmark, picture, and more detailed information to your notice. Landmarks so we can easily find your store, a picture so we can see what your new release looks like, and any other information you think is relevant!
5. Posting in chat is fine as long as you don't post the same thing over and over.

If you have any questions about the group please let Misa know!