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Thanks for your interest in having your items reviewed at Tiny Shoppers!

If you are interested in submitting an item for review the best approach is to send a notecard to the blogger of your choice letting them know you would like to give them an item for possible review. Our current bloggers are listed to on the right side of the page under the "Contributors" heading. They can then tell you whether they have time or interest in reviewing and how best to get your item to them.

Disclaimer: We can't guarantee that your item will be reviewed on the Tiny Shoppers site. We try to review as many items as possible, but ultimately due to time and other constraints we may not be able to review some submissions.

Please do not submit any items for review that were not created by you, or that are "business in a box". We do not want to review items that are suspected to be copybotted or stolen, and we reserve the right to remove any posts at any time that may have questionable items in them.