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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Posted by Misa Delight

New March Releases from Tiny Shopkeepers

This week we've had three updates from Tiny Shopkeepers - with green fashions for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day parties!

Willow Creek Mills

Wearing of the Green
Just in time for the Wearing of the Green! Awen has stitched up this saucy confection of Irish lace and shamrocks for you. Kick up your heels at the ceilidh and river dance all night in shiny high heels adorned with lucky shamrocks.

Available at Willow Creek Mill (SLURL)

Arizona's Fashions

Five new dresses in plum, peach, yellow, green, and red!
Available at Arizona's Fashions (SLURL)


Rumple Bumple Bedhead
Do you like that just rolled out of bed look on your tiny avatar? Rumple Bumple Bedhead Hair comes with a menu that allows you to change between eleven hair colors, and turn the pins on or off, or change the pin color between black, silver and gold!

St. Paddy's Gun Moll hair
Want to be especially green? The Gun Moll Paddy Hair is free in the Delight Morning Shire Midnight Mania board!


Moonpanther Sapphire said...

*falls over from cute overload*

Okies, time to go shopping...

(Misa, you been looking at my RL morning hair, haven't you?)

Misa Delight said...

Heheheh Moon!

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