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Posted by Misa Delight

Tiny Dungarees from Tiny, Inc

I just picked up a fab pair of dungarees from Tiny, Inc. They come with an optional vest, and a straw hat with hair (see Eth's pic for hat). At only $250L, they are a great addition to any tiny's wardrobe! Check them out in world on the second floor of the barn in Raglan (slurl).
Dungarees from Tiny, Inc!

Hat: Xavian Starsider
Artist Cigarette Holder: Chaffro Schoonmaker
Spoonful of Cookie Dough: Gift
Location: Artwalk 2010 in Raglan Shire


Etheria Parrott said...

The front pocket is great for parking a pet, paintbrushes or edible frog. Eth :)

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