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Tiny Swagtastic Weekends!

Posted by Misa Delight

Fabulous 50L Items!

It's almost time for the first Tiny Swagtastic Weekend.

Fab new weekly event for Raglan Shire merchants and shoppers!

SHOPPERS: Every Weekend, you’ll be sent a list of vendors selling items at their Raglan Stores for 50L. Subscribo kiosks are located all over the Shire, hosted by the participating stores that are a part of Tiny Swagtastic Weekends Merchants! There is a main Kiosk for shoppers at the Visitor’s Center (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Raglan%20Shire/169/112/41).

MERCHANTS: Teleport to the Tiny Swagtastic Weekends Merchant Area (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Raglan%20Commons/88/176/22) and click the purkle subscribo kiosk near the landing point. Fill out the application located in the waffle pack (buy for 0L), and drop the application in the mailbox. Once you’ve joined, your landmark will be added to the vendor list, inviting shoppers to stop by and check out your items and sales!

The first Swagtastic Weekend will be Jelly (July) 2nd - 4th!

More information about the event is available in the Merchant Package available in the Tiny Swagtastic Weekends Merchant Area, and on Tia’s blog.

(Swagtastic image above by Dorian Longstaff)


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