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Tiny Safari Suit

Posted by Misa Delight

Funny Bunny Safari Outfit

There's a fab new outfit at Funny Bunny for only 200L!

Tiny Safari Suit

Tiny Safari Suit

Tiny Safari Suit

Outfit comes with Safari Machete, Blunderbus Rifle, Pith Helmet, Safari Backpack, Safari Jacket, and Safari Pants.

Check out all the cool stuff that comes on the backpack! The flag also changes on touch - wow!

Tiny Safari Suit and Nerd Glasses: Funny Bunny (Nerd glasses were group gift - join the : Funny Bunny Import & Export Ltd : and check notices)
Pirate Telescope & Sextant: Willow Creek Mill (This might have been a group gift from last year)
Avatars: Wynx Tiny Avatars
Location: The Rainforest


Anonymous said...

OMG, you gave the Sqabbit a machete?!? Awesome outfit, wtg Chaff!

Misa Delight said...

you knows... i think the machete was Karms' idea! I think she demanded Chaffy add to outfit!

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