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Skeletal Butterfly & Chinese Suit

Posted by Misa Delight

Tiny Couture @ Funny Bunny

Skeletal Butterfly

The Skeletal Butterfly series has three fashionable colors of dresses and suits: dark green, sultry purple, and hot red. Both versions include a hat as well as the outfit: dress for womenfolk, jacket and pants for menfolk. High fashion & beautiful style for 200L each.

Skeletal Butterfly outfit from Funny Bunny

Skeletal Butterfly outfit from Funny Bunny

Tiny Traditional Chinese Suit

Adorable outfit with sleeveless jacket, pants, hat, and color change lantern. $100L.
Year of Rabbit! Outfit from Funny Bunny

These fab outfits available from Funny Bunny!

Black cat and white rabbit avatars from Wynx.


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