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Big Fashion for Tiny Avatars at Small Change

Posted by Misa Delight

Ready for a Vacation from Winter?

Don one of the Pretty Primkinis from Small Change and head to your favorite beach! Outfit comes with bikini, hat, and sunglasses.
Small Change's Bikini Wear
Yellowgreen Pretty Primkini on the hamster, and Aquablue Pretty Primkini on the ram.

Shimmy with your Valentine!

Try a cute retro look with the Fringy Flappy Dress in red. Be the tiny life of the party in this fabulous fringy dress, hat with dahlia, and flappy beads.
Small Change's Red Flapper Dress

Clothes: Pretty Primkinis and Fringy Flappy Dress from Small Change
Avatars: Hamster, ram, and donkey avatars from Wynx
Beach Location: Beaver Island


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