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Tinies do goth part 1

Posted by Pieni

I had a biggie tell me, that she would like to be a tiny, but thinks tinies are not likely to have a lot of gothy things made for them, and she would miss that subculture. So I decided I wanted to prove her wrong. Of course people have different views on what qualifies as gothic, it depends a lot on where you live, for example. I have found lot's of people into the gothier types of things also like Victorian and may go for steampunky and sci-fi, fantasy and so on. So these are picked with a more lose take on "gothy".

Here are my finds. There is plenty more to be found, though, us tinies are very fashionable.

Victorian Ladies Orange Black Netted Bustle Dress at Zephyr's Tiny Couture

Zephyr also had these:

Tiny cloak, black suede:

Tiny Victorian Mens suits and Tiny Men's tuxedo's

Tiny velvet coat, black

Totally Tinies have a bunch of cool stuff.

Tiny Cutterpaws and Tiny Vampire Bat! I can not leave out the sci-fi ones, or everyone I know will tickle me, so look: Daleksies!

Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture show! They have other characters from the movie as well. And notice on the right, quads can be fancy, too!

Tiny Dollz have a lot of cute stuff for tinies. On the gothier side of things, take a look at The Bride of Frankenstein, Gothic cross dress for Tinys and Freddy Kruger costume.

Eek, Count and Countess Waffula!

This gray Vintage charm dress will go with a lot of things. Steampunk Headhunter hat in the top row.

Tiny Pinstripe dress and Tiny Reaper on the left, Tiny Witch dresses, Zombie Bunneh and steampunk hats, etc, on the right.

Grendel's at Raglan has some gothy avis, or what do you think of Tiny Skelly, Tiny Frankie and Tiny Death?

Tiny Trebeks has a vendor for "Scawy items". Dracutiny hat and suit pictured.

Cirrus Designs Leather coat attire, Victorian black suit, Victorian attire, on the right. Victorian steampunk purkle, Tuxedo steampunk Gray, Victorian Holiday attire, and Victorian charcoal suit on the left.

Black hair from Wild Bunneh's Gear

Izo's Steampunk Bunneh Dress is very fancy and she has many outfits fitting the theme.

These stores are quite near each other and already we have so much stuff for goths.. I am thinking we may need several episodes of this theme. And stores outside of Raglan as well, of course.


Toady Nakamura said...

I love this blog post!! What a great idea to go shopping for a theme!! HUGS !!

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