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Tinies do goth part 3

Posted by Pieni

I had been planning a new episode of Tinies go Goth and then saw this on the list for SWAG this week. Heavy Metal Goth Angel by Totally Tinies! Swag this weekend. The shop was already featured in an earlier episode of this series, but this product just could not be overlooked!

Tiny Bit Radikal has outfits in a lot of different styles. Sequinned Velvet Dress in black goes with everything and is just the thing for a tiny lady goth.

Magentiny and Frank N Tiny are perfect for the movie going goth.

Lil'Verse has these lovely gowns in black. Satine and  Lil Witchy both look very lovely. Also make sure you take a peek at the furniture they sell.

Our paworite singing diva Songbird is also the talented designer of Songbird's Tiny Threads. Her Medieval Majesty Mystique gown will be great for the upcoming Medieval season in Raglan. And what would be better for Socktober than Witch's Spider Dress? Her Steampink Mardigras gown in purple also works for the gothy tastes.

Steam Kitten has these cute hats: Wiggly Skull Cap, Skull Cap With Ear Warmers and Rasta Scull Cap out now for just 50L.

Cute'N Crazy has this lovely outfit for dinkies: Gothy Girl

Prime Time 4 Tinies has definitely prepared well for pirate season, as well as Socktober coming up in the Autumn. Pirate ladies can dress up in their paworite black and purple. There are some cool items for the pirate gentlemen as well. How scary is the Creepy Wootjuice?! And I would not want to live next door to Lizzie Borden. Don't even get me started on the Evil Cleric!

Planning to open a bar? I saw these new furniture releases at Flotto Design Company.

More to come soon! Woot!


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