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Tiny Invasion for Charity!

Posted by Pieni

Here is a message from Alex, the designer of Tiny Bit Radikal:

Join me at the World Goth Fair TODAY (28thMay 2014) at 4pm for a tiny invasion dance! Last year we overran the fair and raised a huge amount of money for charity. If you're short of a gothy outfit for Tinies or Dinkies (you don't HAVE to wear goth) you can pick them up at my stand and ALL proceeds go to the charity (except av purchases). TELL EVERYONE!

My outfits are here: Port Seraphine
The Invasion starts HERE: Club Gothica
World Goth Fair 2014 is an annual charity event for a great cause: Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Sophie died as a result of a brutal attack against her and her boyfriend, just because of the way they looked. The foundation works to promote acceptance.


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