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Alternative Tiny Fashion

Posted by Misa Delight

Punk and Goth Tinywear

For the rockin' tinies - some of the fine alternative fashion treasures available on the grid!

Punk Girl - Purple
Punk Girl - Purple by Tiny Treasures.

Rebel Girl - Grey Check
Rebel Girl - Grey Check by Tiny Treasures.

Industrial mind
Industrial mind by The Bun+The Moon.

Tiny Skull Hoodie and Black Stud'd Punk Pants by Shift Helle.

Neko Cat Skull T-Shirt by Karma's and SkullStripe Pants - Green by Shift Helle.

Crash Band T-Shirt and Ballcap (free!) by Karma's and Spooky Skull Pants by Azelle's Treasures.

Erzsebet Moppet Blood Vampire
Erzsebet Moppet Blood Vampire by Audrey Fotherington (Audz and Endz).

Tiger Avatar: Wynx Tiny Avatars
Photo Shoot Location: The Port


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