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Asian Tiny Styles

Posted by Misa Delight

Three Beautiful Outfits

There are a lot of wonderful creators with Asian fashion for tiny avatars. Here are three of my favorite outfits - and one of them is free!

Kimono from Hippo
Pink Boats Kimono from Hippo. $300L. Comes with large and small versions of the kimono, and a paper lantern to carry. There are also other lovely kimono styles at Hippo as well.
Geisha Hair from Martini Discovante's Tiny Shop. $300L.
Maiko Shoes from Delight. Free in the Lucky Letter Board.

Kimono from Tiny Tama
Kimono Kaeru from Tiny Tama. FREE! There are also two other fab Asian style freebies at Tiny Tama - Hakama Satsuki Yami and Saki Munke!

Kimono from TigPig
International Kimono from TigPig. $200L. Comes with Asian shoes, hair doodads, kimono, and fan.

Geisha Hair
Close up of the Geisha Hair from Martini Discovante's Tiny Shop. $300L. Several colors for women, and a Ronin style for men!


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