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Summer Shimmer Mix and Match

Posted by Misa Delight

Delightful Summer Wear

Mix and Match tops and skirts with the Summer Shimmer outfit - new from Delight! A single color pack with two types of tops and three types of skirt is $125, and the super pack with all the colors (plus an additional 50 color options) is only $300L.

There are lots of options with mixing and matching, here are a few:

Summer Shimmer Persimmon
Persimmon tube top and see-thru shimmer skirt

Summer Shimmer Plum
Plum tube top and shimmer skirt

Summer Shimmer Chartreuse
Chartreuse top and poof skirt

Summer Shimmer Iris
Iris top and shimmer skirt

Outfits: Delight (SLURL)
Hair: Shayna - Coal from Deviant Kitties
Location: Virtual Africa(SLURL)


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