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Oriental Delights for 50L

Posted by Misa Delight

Tiny Swagtastic Treasures

Every weekend the tiny fashion community gets another round of fabulous items on sale for 50L. This week there are several oriental themed items, plus some other really cool deals. Check out the stores for the blueberry waffles of goodness from Friday Feb 25 2011 (8pm SLT) to Sunday Feb 27 2011 (8pm SLT).

Karma and Clover
Super model Karma in TigPig's "International Kimono"
standing in front of Clover and her parade float.

50L items:
Cirrus Design: LJ Coveralls (Red with pawprint sleeves)
Izo's: Elegant Kimono
Tinies Rock!: Tiny Chinese Spring Fest Outfit
Mousehole: Tiny Dragon House
Delight: Wooly Booly Purkle for Menfolk
Delight: Wooly Booly Purkle for Womenfolk
Druscilla's Whim: Birfday Party Hat Thing
TOTALLY TINIES: Mardi Gras Grand Finale Party Outfit
GG's Designs: Chinese Dragon outfit for quads
Lidl Audz Lidl Kisses: Carmen Moppet
Cyzicus Tiny Animations: Tiny Slave Leia (with pose)
Arizona's Fashion For Tinies: Lacy Velvet Green
Grendel's Children @ Heron Shire: Tiny Ostrich Cart
TigPig Inc.: International Kimono

Misa in Slave Leia outfit
Misa in Cyzicus Tiny Animations' "Tiny Slave Leia".

Tiny avatars from Wynx
Location: Raglan Shire's Silica Cubicle


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