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Bringing Sexy Back for Tinies

Posted by Betsy Furman

Hello all!

Are you prepared to have all eyes turn to glance at you when you enter a room? Are you ready to bring sexy back to tinies?

I've just put out a new gown for tinies: Lady Laura. The silk with sequins embroidery flows lightly though the air; the modified train accenting your delicate form. Off-the-shoulder sleeves with trailing bows expose your bare shoulders in this smoldering gown. Finally, a small hair bow completes this ensemble.

Lady Laura is available in five colors: Amethyst, Blue-Green, Ruby, Bronze and Mauve.

Stop by my main shop in Victoria City, Caledon to pick up Lady Laura in Blue for free for a limited time.

Hope you like it!

Betsy Furman
Tiny Ruffles

P.S. I am participating in two hunts, so please run and grab the prizes!
-- The Steam 4 Hunt -- look for a gear near indoor plants

-- The Dreamer Hunt -- look for a smily face near windows.

Thank you!


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