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Icarus Wings

Posted by Misa Delight

Fly Like A Bird

Super fabtastic realistic flight - soar and dive like a bird! ZOMG I have had so much fun flying around with these wings and doing super cool tricks!

The tiny version fits Wynx tinies, Box Bots, Hatchies & all Kage-type tinies. When not flying the wings fold up, and when in flight they extend out.

Grendel's Icarus Wings (04)
White Icarus Wings

To fly tap-tap on the page up key and you take off.
PAGE UP goes up
PAGE DOWN goes down

You can do flying TRICKS too!
DOWN and FORWARD: sweeping dive!
FORWARD and LEFT (or RIGHT) to bank!

Grendel's Icarus Wings (02)
Stripey Icarus Wings

The set comes with four different types - plain white, stripey white, stripey white with black tips, and white with black tips. There is also a different set if you want precolored!

Colored Icarus Wings
Colored Icarus Wings (with beret, cupid's outfit, and peace poofer!)

Grendel's Icarus Wings (01)
Stripey Icarus Wings with Black Tips

Wings are mod so you can edit the colors. The read-me that comes with the set gives you detailed steps on how to change them.

Grendel's Icarus Wings (03)
White Icarus Wings and Cupid's Outfit

You can see the wings in action in a video at youTubes:

Wings for humanoids at main Grendel's Children store (slurl)!

White tiger avatar from Wynx.


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