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Posted by Funny Bunny

Here's a little something I knocked up this week. It was originally a custom request, but I decided to sell it on too.

A tiny is keeping (in-world) bees and wanted an outfit to help her out. I made her a protective suit and hat and a smoke gun that when clicked dispenses with a good puff of smoke! There's even a honeycomb tray backpack and a small jar of finest honey (complete with spoon) on the outfit's belt!

It'll be out at Funny Bunny as part of the Tiny Swagtastic Weekend offer this week for a mere $50L, and then $150L thereafter.


Misa Delight said...

ZOMG this is the most AMAZING outfit. I am totally in love with it and haven't taken it off in two weeks. It only smells a little. It holds up well for long-term power wearing!

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