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Otter!!! Shooz!! Marmite??

Posted by ToadyZilla

Today's first stop is at Pawsome! Creator Mutley Latte, 3*, shown modeling her Retro style paneled swimsuit. So much detail!! The dotty red fabric, the slimming black sides, a tummy control panel, shoulder straps and matching sun hat… Mod only. $100L

Mutley's wearing her newest jewelry creation: Eight flavor toast pendant and matching mouth toast. Menu-controlled, pick from Marmite, Nutella, Rhubarb, Lemon Curd, Gooseberry, Damson, Apricot and Classic Strawberry. With a surprise extra gift. Coming soon to waffles near you.

Marked by its "Otter" flag, Mutley's shop nestles in the low rolling landscape of the shire.

Mutley's outfit is topped off with her signature bows and anchored by Panacea Pangaea's wonderful red shoes.

Visit Pan's Boutique to see more lovely work by this talented Artisan. I only wish she'd box all her shoes in one of her superb vendors so my inner Imelda could get to work rounding out my collection!

Creator Profiles:
Mutley is Hostess with the Mostess at Raglan Shire's weekly Prim Charades building game, where with co-host Kayak Kuu, she concocts dastardly puzzles for tinies to build and other tinies to solve. If you've never been, Tuesday at 1030 am SLT.

Rezzed in 2006, Panacea is one of those ultra smart tinies, builder of the Original IntelliVendor, tiny prize chairs and boards and other things too geeky for this toad to figure out without help. What I can tell you is she owns Pan's Boutique dress shop, and Pan's Tiny Boutique, is a photographer and the owner of the Panchroma Gallery where she sells photos, water color prints and greeting cards.

Avatar: Tiny Otter by Wynx Whiplash, Extrovirtual

tiny footnote.............

*Mutley insisted I tell you her SL age because "they always do it in real newspapers."


jillan said...

Mutley doesn't look a day over 2.

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