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Posted by ToadyZilla

So Hilarious!!

Running with Scissors by Druscilla Ferraris ~ Druscilla's Whim

*Everybody* was playing with these last week... I got to see my first pair in action on LadyMaverick OHare, one of Raglan Shire's newest Artisans. She's only been selling since ArtWalk! Here LadyM runs with scissors while a tiny flash mob shows up to get a Midnight Mania board over the top !! She made her outfit, with hair by Emilia Redgrave ~ Redgrave Fashion & avatar by Wynx Whiplash ~ Extrovirtual.

So after Midnite Mania, LadyM showed me several of her other creations... All feature Tartans, the clan plaids of ancient days. And all have a nifty feature in the sleeves; they're made so your arms do not pop out while dancing !!

After this I had to see her store. Just making/selling since Artwalk? Fast learning curve!! So off I went to
Tiny TRTL ~ shop and Turtle Sanctuary, floating high above Raglan Commons

also known as the Tartan Palace. Every inch is covered in Plaid!! She has just begun obviously, but a fast start and lovely clothes for both male and female tinies & Freebies !!

Here LadyM shows me a lovely red plaid Brody Tartan outfit that she made which includes the hat, boots, buckles as well as the clothes. (Posing at Ivory Tower of Primitives) She's off and running to a great start, with Scisssors !!


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