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Sailing, Sailing !!

Posted by ToadyZilla

For those in a totally nautical mood (*) .... don't forget to check out these lovely vehicles ....

Jet Boat ~ Creator: Raymond Nightfire @ Nightfire's Engineering

So many Boats !! ~ Creator: Jokerbrum01 Paine @ Tiny Empire Store

Rideable Ducks & Swans… run 'em on both land and water !!
Creator: Toady Nakamura (yes, me!!) Grendel's Children @ Raglan Shire

Now why would you need a new boat???

Hmmm, we received an invitation to Tiny Regatta through New Babbage Sim.

6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. -- Saturday 27 August 2011 as part of Wulfenbach Consulate Game Day
Their invitation read "Come as a tiny, and bring your tiny boat to [Our Sim to Kick our Butts]... Don't have a boat or a tiny avatar? Free ones will be available. First three participants to reach the finish line will get a prize!" hat tip Stereo Nacht !!

(* no photos sorry, SL kept kicking me out... !!)


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