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This Week's Medieval Waffles !!

Posted by ToadyZilla

Medieval fashion rocks!! Such pretty clothes and such lovely details.

This week's waffles include

Tiny Renaissance Man
Creator: Chaffro Schoonmaker
Funny Bunny

Golden Dress
Creator: Arizona Noel
Arizona's Fashions For Tinies

Lord Amethyst & Lady Amethyst
Creator: Clover Dezno
Totally Tinies Raglan
Totally Tinies Heron

Perfect for milady's neck, Zodiac Pendant sculpty changer necklace in shining silver
Creator: Mutley Latte @ Pawsome

"Waffles" are awesome items by Raglan Artisans that usually cost a lot more than $50L... Each weekend, creators mark down items, put photos in a joint notecard & serve waffles all weekend to happy tinies all over Raglan Shire !!

Yay for Waffles !!!


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