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22 Tiny Tarot Cards Await

Posted by ToadyZilla

Medieval Month at Raglan !!

In addition to jousting, parties, & fun, there's a Tarot Card Hunt !!

Start here the first card is on a bench in the square in front of the Castle. When you touch it, you'll get a folder that has the card and a prize!! Watch your chat, the card will also give you a hint to the next card...

In this case, I don't want you to get lost... so here's the hint from the first card ....

in the Heron forest, there is a tree of birds, find the Magician there

Open your map and find Heron Shire. Oh gee, it's almost all trees!! But here the rules of the hunt are a big help... Cards will only be found in Public Spaces... and in Heron, most of the public spaces are around the edges of the forest. Hint: You can turn on the parcel radio and use it as a guide for when you step off public areas.

By the time you find all 22 cards, you'll find places in Raglan Shire you never knew existed. Here I find the tree full of birds in Heron Forest & the Magician card...

Follow the trail of clues like a bird on breadcrumbs. Each clue has a very clear description of which sim, if you get confused, use the SL map to look at all the sims, you'll see pretty soon where to go next !!

And finally, I can't leave you without a view of something I didn't even know existed at Raglan... but it's where they hid "my card" or the card with my photo on it...

An amazing build... part of the amazing sims of Raglan Shire.

Don't forget there's 22 total cards, from Zero "The Fool" to #21 "The World." Collect em all!! The swag inside is marvelous!!!


Funny Bunny said...

Wonderful write-up! And great to hear that the intention of the hunt - to get people to see more of The Shires - worked on you too Toady! What sheer coincidence that your card was in a place you hadn't seen before!

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