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Fabulous Steel Drums !!

Posted by ToadyZilla

Summer is off to a Hot Start !!

Top Row ...

Tiny Calypso Steel Drums with extra songs, animations for Wynx tinies & Hatchies (bipeds) @ Stuff Xavian Made

* Tiny Quad Animations to convert Steel Drums for Quads @ Cyzicus Tiny Animations

Tiny Calypso Outfits for Boys & Girls
@ Totally Tinies Raglan

& @ Totally Tinies Heron Shire

Front Row

Wow!! on the Left, the *Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini & Cover up!
@ Totally Tinies Raglan

and on the right, ready for Wootstock, *LJ Groovy Summer Shorts Outfit @ Cirrus Design

* This week's waffle, get out and get 'em!!


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