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Tiny Invasion SL8B

Posted by ToadyZilla

Raglan Shire's Tiny Circus presented Songbird1028 Sorbet at SL8B's Main Stage. Chaffro counted over 100 Tinies at the show.

Front and center on Main Stage, Songbird wore Aime Takaaki's *MM* Circus Outfit which is this week's waffle @ Mish-Mash Shoppe

Song's Concert attracted a *lot* of Attention!

*A biggie blogista wrote that she had never seen so many tinies together in one place

*And Raymond has a photo of all of us at the performance !!

As if that wasn't enough...

Raglan's Tiny Circus was featured with over 25 tinies on the Treet.tv Show "Designing Worlds" with Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin

Tiny Points of Interest
@ Start Overview & interview with tiny Grendel's staffers
11:10 to 16:04 Raglan Shire Tiny Circus
42:00 Chaffro & the crowd follow Saffia to her next interview to liven stuff up!
46:00 Pye wafflebombs Saffia & Erick from a tiny balloon
47:30 ish… tinies in courtyard
48:24 group shot of invasion


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zomg sooo fab!!!

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