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Judgement is Here!

Posted by Misa Delight

Judge Tiny

This weekend Funny Bunny Import & Export has a fab new costume out for the TSW sale price of only 50L. This is a MUST HAVE for all tinies. The full outfit comes with helmet, gloves, pants, and Lawgiver pistol.

Judge Tiny Outfit

Judge Delight

Judge Tiny Badge

Detail: Judge Tiny badge

The default badge is Judge Tiny but ask Chaffro about a super special awesome custom badge!

Judge Tiny Outfit

Judge Chaffro

Judge Tiny Outfit

Judges Delight and Chaffro - the LAW

Judge Tiny Outfit

Lawgiver Pistol

The craftsmanship of the outfit and accessories lives up to the high standards we've come to expect from a Funny Bunny product. Details such as the eagle on the shoulder, the badges, and the belt buckle are exquisite. Funny Bunny Import & Export is located in Heron Shire at: slurl.com/secondlife/Heron%20Shire/131/222/22.


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