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Lara Croft: Tiny Tomb Raider

Posted by Misa Delight

Lara Croft!

Funny Bunny has released another fabulous outfit for tiny avatars - Lara Croft. Complete outfit includes shorts, top, backpack, braided hair, and guns.

Lara Croft [Funny Bunny Import & Export]

All items are detailed and expertly crafted. Check out some of the details in the inset pictures below.

Lara Croft [Funny Bunny Import & Export]

This weekend Funny Bunny will have this amazing outfit out for only 50L as part of Tiny Swagtastic Weekend. Don't miss the chance to pick up this great outfit for such a low price!

Lara Croft [Funny Bunny Import & Export]

Funny Bunny is located in scenic Heron Shire.


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