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Mish Mish makes MESH

Posted by Pieni

Dishwashing picture by Aime Takaaki
Mish Mish has been a personal favorite for a while. I love the skirts, cute tops, and especially the perfectly fitting and lovely shoes. I walk past the Mish Mish stand in Raglan and find myself adding a new piece for my collection quite often.
Mish Mish has done furniture as well. The Light Garden Set was up for swag some while ago. The table, chairs and bread basket make a day in the garden a lot of fun.
Now Aime Takaaki has a pawsome new Kitchen Counter set out for Tiny Swagtastic weekend! It is only 50l until sunday. Included are poses for dishwashing and the chair gives plates. Get the Kitchen set from here.


Misa Delight said...

Fab post! I'm going to check out that store - I hadn't heard of it before!

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