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Anrod's color changing magic

Posted by Pieni Tiny

Anrod's is now right across from the Game platform in Raglan known for Prim Charades! He is having a 30% move in sale until Friday! And he does swag!

Anrod Meads is a pawsome tiny artist, who makes beautiful dresses out of his artworks. You can see these dresses on tiny ladies everywhere where tinies go.
Now Anrod's dresses have a new magic color changing system that works in chat commands. (Check vendor info for which dresses have it).

I happened to be wearing this dress when I got a message about the new store in Raglan. Had to go take a look right away and got this cool color changing bow while I was there!

And the big scoop for this blog post: Anrod is making a tiny suit for men that will also have the color changing magic! It will be released in the near future!


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