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Mish Mish mainstore

Posted by Pieni Tiny

Went to Mish Mish mainstore to click their new MM-board. It only needs 35 people to close. While there I fell in love with the store design and wanted to show you guys some pictures. I have been a huge fan of Aime Takaaki's pawsome tiny items for a while now, but her stuff for regular avatars is really good too and a lot of it can be used by tinies as well. The cleverness of her ideas and the cute style she has will make the visit there fun for anyone. The outfit I am wearing in one of the pictures is by Mish Mish too. The dress and wings are from "Fairy outfit", and the shoes are "Ballerina, blue".


Boots Shamrock said...

Looks good. I must go check out the toys :)

Anrod Meads said...

The scooters are PAWESOME!

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