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USC Textures: Texture sale for charity!

Posted by Pieni Tiny

USC Textures is well known among the tinies as a tiny friendly store, they even have a tiny lucky chair. Now there is a big display of textures sold for just 35L$/box, and all of the proceeds go to support the work of Action aid, an international non.gov. organization against poverty. These textures are not sold anywhere else. They were specificly made for Midnight mania boards. This display comes up to year 2010 and the letter F in the alphabet. There will be part two of the display coming later. I took some pictures of boxes that may be of interest to tinies. But we of course do all kinds of building.

bunnies! butterflies!
bats, bears, birdies!
choclit, celtic paws, cats, cat quilts!
animal cookies, animal tattoos, animal mania, blops!
cookies, dwagons, fantasy maps, funky furs, dots, daisies!


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